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The much sought after cheiftain Tin whistle is a right up there with the best money can buy and a real gem in any whistlers arsenal. It is a brand based on the original Overton design.

The whistle is designed and crafted by Phil Hardy of Kerry Whistles, and is a favourite of many recording artists, the Riverdance musical relied heavily on the chieftain penny whistle.

It produces an amazing clear and rich tone comparable to a more expensive low whistle. The quality and price therefore have made this instrument a market leader.

A polished stainless alloy, beautifully crafted rounded mouthpiece, precise boring and immacualte finish (protected by an anodizing process) makes this whistle very enjoyable to hold and play.

The popularity of the whistle often means they can be hard to find, particularly the tuneabale whistle that allows the player make slight adjustments to get that perfect sound.


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