i have a tin whistle and have been looking at music sheets online. sometimes it has notes lower than D where you put your finger on just the first hole, but when i try this,it just sounds like a normal B. Any help?

Asked by:Meg


The tin whistle you have is most likely a whistle in the key of D, when you cover all 6 holes on this whistle you play a D, thats where it gets its name from.Another whistle, for example, in the key of C, when you cover all 6 holes will play a C.This will be the lowest note you can play on that whistle.

When all 6 holes are covered thats the lowest note you can play.
Its therefore not possible to play a note lower than D on a D whistle. You will need a whistle in a lower octave, eg the C, to play these notes.

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