I have been teaching myself how to play the tin whistle and have gotten pretty good at it. I have a Clark Original D, a Sweetone and Meg. I recently purchased a Brass Dixon High D Trad. I am having trouble with it and wonder if it is me or the whistle? I get a lot of squeaks and squawks out of it that I never have gotten out of the Clarks. I find myself very wary of playing it because I don''t want to squawk! Thanks, Karen
Asked by:Karen


It's not you. I remember the time I moved from a Generation C/D to my first Overton (high C). Sounded like a banshee. Each make has a 'feel' and you just have to practice to get the hang of it. Some makes require slightly different fingering to get the holes perfectly covered. Others softer or sharper breathing. Stick with it - the Brass Dixon is a lovely whistle. GB

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