I bought a whistle made of steel, one piece. When I am playing B, A, G and F# it sounds fine but E and D squeak so badly!! And also , is a one piece whistle better than a whistle with a plastic or wooden mouthpiece??
Asked by:Sanju


Those two bottom holes are simply problematic, no fix for it. They will tolerate less air pressure than the others, AND they are harder to cover completely. Likely both of those are your problems, squeaking is most likely a bad seal on the 5th hole, maybe on the 6th. When it squeaks, keep holding it while you take it out of your mouth and look closely at the seal (on all sides) on both of the lowest holes. To fix: cover the holes with them pretty much under the center of your fingerprints, and be careful about covering completely. Do not arch your fingers if you can help it. Use special breath control when playing notes on those two holes, especially lower-octave "E" and "D" notes. Those will tolerate only a mere sigh to get low octave notes. Also, you often get better tone on the "D" note if you leave the topmost hole uncovered, instead of covering all six.

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