Hi there! I'm just starting to play the tin whistle and I'm starting to be good at the song The Wild Rover. I'm right handed. The tutorial says that the left hand goes on the top three holes and right hand on the bottom...is it normal if I find it more comfortable to do it the opposite way? (right hand on top) my right hand seems to be unable to cover correctly the bottom holes. Does this mean that I'm left handed just for the tin whistle? I've been playing Wild Rover right hand on top and it seems fine to me...

Asked by:Laura


Hi Laura,

If thats the way you have learned to play the whistle then dont worry, there are many others just like you. Most young people are taught to play with their left hand at the top so that when they are all being taught together the teacher can explain how to play the notes to everyone at once, ie she doesnt have to explain it once for the left handers and the the right handers!

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