Is there such a thing as whistle tabs? I'm having difficulty reading the music, as I'm fairly new to sheet music.
Asked by:Peeba


The most common type of whistle for beginners is a Tin whistle in the key of D, or D whistle. You can buy one for less than $10.

When you get your whistle you should first learn how to play the basic notes, B,A,G etc. The on site tutorial is good for this.

If you can't read music you should start by looking for ABC notes, this is just a string of notes eg B,B,A,G,A,B,B,E,B,B, that should get you started.

There aren't really tabs for the whistle however some music is written with a little whistle under the holes to show you which holes to cover, some of this type of music is available in the sheet music section here.

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