ust bought a Tin Whistle. I used to play Highland Pipes by ear (not good at reading music), and play the Pan Flute. I love the Tin Whistle and Low D as I can play more Irish style music with them. My question is...are there any fairly easy to learn jigs or other songs I can learn quickly and easily (My Fire dept has a bagpipe band I helped start, and we do a pub crawl...for a fundraiser, and i want to add variety)? Also, is the fingering pretty similiar to bag pipe chanter? Thanks
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The GHB scale, on a D whistle, is:

LG xxx ooo

LA xxo ooo

B xoo ooo

C# ooo ooo

D xxx xxx (oxx xxx)

E xxx xxo

F# xxx xoo

HG xxx ooo

HA xxo ooo

x=closed hole

o=open hole(The whistle's mouthpiece is to the left)

You should be able to find a simple jig in the music section or check out the videos and take it from there!

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