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i have a tin whistle and have been looking at music sheets online. sometimes it has notes lower than D where you put your finger on just the first hole, but when i try this,it just sounds like a normal B. Any help?

Asked by:Meg
The tin whistle you have is most likely a whistle in the key of D, when you cover all 6 holes on thi … Read More >>

Can i have notes for the tinwhistle?

Asked by:jace
Tin Whistle notes are available all over, check out the tutorial here for the beginners guide.  … Read More >>

Hello, I don’t think I fully understand the whole using your tongue technique when it comes to playing, why would you use your tongue when you could simply stop blowing the note?

Asked by:Flbldirish
Its all about adding a little bit extra to the music, make it come alive. Using your tongue will giv … Read More >>

I am learning the titanic song on the tin whistle and the letter H is in it. How do u play the letter H?

Asked by:Cstar
A H on a tin whistle? Yes!In Norway and some other Scandinavian countries a B is often transcri … Read More >>

I don’t know how to play high B. I’ve opened your interactive tutorial but i can play only the first 8 notes, from D to D*, but not the each others.

Asked by:Italianfolkman
You just need to use the same fingering and blow a little harder, nice and steady, keep practicing g … Read More >>

i need the notes to irish washer woman, please help if you can

Asked by:katie-may
Click on the link for notes for the Irish Washer Woman on the tin whistle. … Read More >>

What are the notes for the galway girl?

Asked by:tara11
Hi, You can see the notes for the galway girl here >> … Read More >>

How do you get that rythmic shaking sound (tremolo) on long notes with a tin whistle im trying but to no avail.

Asked by:MIguel
Its a techniques known as tapping. Just lift your finger slightly and tap it down on the hole firmly … Read More >>

What is the lowest note on a tin whistle?

Asked by:meg
It really depends on what key your whistle is in. If you have a D whistle the lowest note is D. A C … Read More >>

What does “Whistle Away” mean?

Asked by:mimi
It means Whistle away until your heart is content! Happy Whistling 🙂 … Read More >>

I can’t play in the lower octave. Even if I blow so softly it’s almost inaudible, it still jumps to a high D. Any ideas?

Asked by:Kelly
It probably time to buy a new whistle in a different key, people usually try a C after a D.D is the … Read More >>

I am 100% new to the irish penny whistle and every other instrument for that matter. What kind of tin whistle should I get, brand ect? I have always loved the sound of the penny (tin) whistle now I’m ready to try my hand at it.

Asked by:Em
Most people start with a penny whistle in the key of D. Generation or Clarke are very popular, they … Read More >>

I just bought a Tin Whistle. I used to play Highland Pipes by ear (not good at reading music), and play the Pan Flute. I love the Tin Whistle and Low D as I can play more Irish style music with them. My question is…are there any fairly easy to learn jigs or other songs I can learn quickly and easily (My Fire dept has a bagpipe band I helped start, and we do a pub crawl…for a fundraiser, and i want to add variety)? Also, is the fingering pretty similiar to bag pipe chanter? Thanks

Asked by:DCW
The GHB scale, on a D whistle, is:LG xxx oooLA xxo oooB xoo oooC# ooo oooD xxx xxx (oxx xxx)E xxx xx … Read More >>

What key of tin whistle matches the Great Highland Bagpipes?

Asked by:North Carolina Piper
The best approach to playing Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB) tunes on the Irish penny whistle is to pl … Read More >>

I am Irish so tin whistle is compulsory in my school but they taught me the scale in do re mi.. but whenever I search a tune online I can only find them in d e f b a g and I have started teaching it to my self but I don’t know what note is H can u plz tell me???

Asked by:Robyn
Hi Robyn,There is no H in the tin whistle scales, if you are just starting your click the following … Read More >>

Hey, I was wondering if the Irish whistle, pennywhistle, and tin whistle are all the same thing. Are they?

Asked by:Nikki
Yep they are all the same thing! Just known differently thoughout the world. … Read More >>

Can someone find the tin whistle notes in the movie How to Train your Dragon. in a song called New Tail, at the last minute of the song there is a tin whistle solo that i would really like to play.

Asked by:WindWhistle
…

Is there such a thing as whistle tabs? I’m having difficulty reading the music, as I’m fairly new to sheet music.

Asked by:Peeba
The most common type of whistle for beginners is a Tin whistle in the key of D, or D whistle. You ca … Read More >>

This question will probably show how inexperienced I am when it comes to music, but in tin whistle tablature, what does “#” mean? What should my I do when it indicates to cover no holes and has a “#” beneath?

Asked by:Sidheag
it means it is under or below D(all holes covered) … Read More >>

How do you make the sound higher or lower on tin whistles?

Asked by:Emz
If you want a high note just blow a little harder than you do on the lower notes. … Read More >>

I have a D whistle and a book that tells me how to play it. I found a song in my book that has a low A and B. Can you play lower than a D, and if so, what are the fingerings?

Asked by:Chels
Hi, Chels. No, you cannot play As and Bs lower than the lowest D. You can, however, of course pl … Read More >>

Ok, I’ve read that one simply needs to blow a little harder to achieve the higher notes, but that”s simply not working. I’m learning to play Danny Boy, and when I get to high “B” I need my earplugs to bear the screeching sound! It’s laughable, but frustrating. Help! I’m nearly ready to give up.

Asked by:PuckishPeg
It is very easy to overblow the tin whistle. Are you sure when you are playing the lower registe … Read More >>

In penny whistles,do the size of the holes matter?

Asked by:J.Earl
Yes very much, it is a very simple instrument however the size of the holes and their distance a … Read More >>

I just bought a nickel feadóg and i want to know what are the cares i should have, and about cleaning, how i clean the mouthpiece and the inside of my whistle?

Asked by:thainasv
hi i have one of them too! i dont usually bother cleaning it just shake the spit out when your d … Read More >>

Regarding #4 Svingtur’s question about reaching the note ‘H’ – where the answer provided states that there IS NO such note – did you know that in Europe there is, and that ‘H’ is note ‘B’?

Asked by:banjo girl
There you go folks! …

I have a C pennywhistle thats supposed to be tuneable, but I dont know how to tune it. Help please.

Asked by:EffieJean
Your whistle ought to have some kind of joint in it that will slide in and out to make the whistle l … Read More >>

what is a cran and how do i do one?

Asked by:sophie maher
A cran is a rather obscure musical ornament that i believe got its start from the uillian pipes. … Read More >>

What is a cran and how do i do one?

Asked by:sophie
A cran is a rather obscure musical ornament that i believe got its start from the uillian pipes.Its … Read More >>

I’m a beginner in tin whistle. Now I have a Feadog brass D whistle and a Clarke original penny whistle also in key of D. What type of whistle would you recommend for a beginner, and also what brand is the most well known for tin whistle. thank you

Asked by:Dani
I would recommend the feadog brass whistle because from past experiences for me the Clarke takes … Read More >>

Hi there! I’m just starting to play the tin whistle and I’m starting to be good at the song The Wild Rover. I’m right handed. The tutorial says that the left hand goes on the top three holes and right hand on the bottom…is it normal if I find it more comfortable to do it the opposite way? (right hand on top) my right hand seems to be unable to cover correctly the bottom holes. Does this mean that I’m left handed just for the tin whistle? I’ve been playing Wild Rover right hand on top and it seems fine to me…

Asked by:Laura
Hi Laura,If thats the way you have learned to play the whistle then dont worry, there are many other … Read More >>

Hi, ive been looking into geting a D brass tin whistle but im unsure becuse i dont have the best of lungs and could not play a flute but flutes take alot of air & indurance….do whistles require the same as a flutes? and suggestions on this topic are greatly apprecated!

Asked by:victoria
Hi Liz,You shouldnt have any problems with a whistle, its one of the easiest instruments to play, it … Read More >>

Hi there. I have a E# generation Whistle. How can i stop it from sounding airy on the high notes

Asked by:warren
You just need to control your breathing. Try not to blow so hard! … Read More >>

I have a penny whistle in D, and I was wondering how to finger F natural?

Asked by:Sarah
F natural is whats known as a semi-tone note, you need to cover about half of the 5th hole on the wh … Read More >>

On a d tin whistle, how do you play c natural?

Asked by:Maeve
Hi, Maeve. Close the 2nd and 3rd holes. Happy playing! … Read More >>

What is the sound difference between a aluminum whistle and a brass whistle? Also, what is the advantage of a composite whistle?

Asked by:Bradyn
…

i wanna play ODE TO JOY on the penny whistle and i need the notes for it tell me if you can give me the notes thanks!

Asked by:Andrew
f#, f#, g, a, a, g, f#, e, d, d, e, f#, f#, e, e (break) f#, f#, g, a, a, g, f#, e, d, d, e, f#, … Read More >>

I love the whistle contributions in several of the pieces off of Ken Burns’ “Lewis & Clark” soundtrack, especially “When Summer Ends” and “Beech Spring.” Do you have any idea if any of that whistle music is available as sheet music? I’m trying to imitate it by ear, but it is very slow going (and frustrating).

Asked by:Kevin
Input the answer to this question here, thanks! Here is the abc notation. X:1 T:Beech Spring … Read More >>

What I’ve learned from experience with other woodwind instruments is that wood is better than plastic once you can master the plastic…is this entirely true for the tin whistle… as far as mouth piece quality goes?

Asked by:Ziggy Stardust
I think so. I make them out of wood and they have a character that i just have not found with plasti … Read More >>

I asked before where I can buy a LOW whistle for less than $50, but you guys answered it as if I meant a high tin whistle. I really mean low? Any ideas?

Asked by:Emily
Hey check out the whistleaway stor you can probably find what your looking for. A low D is the m … Read More >>

I looking for a good whistle that sounds like this one off of youtube can you tell me what kind of tin whistle is it so i can purchase one. plz thank you.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llcqcS_TIj0

Asked by:James Jr
I believe this whistle is in the key of D. that is the most common type that most tin whistle mu … Read More >>

Hi! I have a D whistle and a C one. I’d like to know the fingering of Toss The Feathers and Erin Shore. thanks a lot

Asked by:SILVIA
If this is your first time buying a whistle I would highly recommend starting with the traditi … Read More >>

Hi, I don’t know much about music, so I hope the way I explain my problem is understandable :)I recently started playing and bought a Meg whistle (D). I can hit most notes in the higher octave by blowing a little harder, but I have troubles reaching the high H. Though I blow exactly the same way as I do when doing the other notes an octave higher, the H remains in the first octave. Why is that and what can I do?

Asked by:Svingtur
There is no H note in music, it is ABCDEFG then it repeats. … Read More >>

i just got a penny whistle from a toy store and im 10 years old. i instantly fell in love with it because i play recorder. i also play cello and piano and is good at reading music. is there any songs for these instruments ? i have a D whistle and cannot find any music.

Asked by:Olivia
Hey Olivia, look in our music section for some tune which you should be able to read. … Read More >>

Where can I buy a low whistle for less than $50?

Asked by:Emily
Hey Emily, check on our whistle store, you can buy a whistle there for less than $20! … Read More >>

When one is performing “cuts” on the whistle, do you generally tongue at the same time, or is it stylistic to do some cuts with tonguing and some without? Also, what is the best way to play a G#?

Asked by:Beerisgood
you generally toungue at the same time … Read More >>

When playing fast, such as Irish Washer Woman, I don’t seem to hit the notes clean. I get a little squawk on the interval skips. Is that due to lack of hole coverage or just over blowing? How do I correct that?

Asked by:
There may be several reasons for this, perhaps you are not covering the holes fully, or maybe yo … Read More >>

Which is the easiest Low D to play? I have small “woman hands.” 🙂 Thank you! Lauri

Asked by:fluffysmom
Use six of your fingers on all of the holes,but dont leave any gaps or it will sound really bad … Read More >>

I would love to know what key the penny whistle is, that they use in “You can call me al” (Paul Simon). And also if anyone has or can write sheet music for it?? Cheers 🙂

Asked by:Al
Having just spent ages trying to find this sheet music I gave up and resorted to trying to work … Read More >>

Trying to learn how to play the tin whistle and coming along slowly but surely. I am now trying to learn “All Those Endearing Young Charms”. I”ve got as far as: F#,E,D,E,D,D,F#,A,G,b,D”,D”,C,b Is there anyone who would complete it for me please.

Asked by:jo
Being mindful not to force anything, carefully but firmly try using a paperclip to thread a bit … Read More >>

Is the Irish Flute the same as a Low D pennywhistle?

Asked by:GM
No. A flute is a flute and a whistle is a whistle. Size, method of plying, way of “blowing” in … Read More >>

You know how D is the lowest note on the tin whistle but on some music I have seen a note lower than the D. what is this note?

Asked by:cap
This note is a Low C. There is a Whistle tuned in C if you want to play it. … Read More >>

When buying a new tin whistle i have found that there is a high D and a low D does it matter what one you buy?

Asked by:Bron (:
if you buy a high D whistle you only have the high octave so you have to blow extra hard to get … Read More >>

do the high notes not sound right on some tinwhistles because the tinwhistle is cheap?

Asked by:
Most likely it does not sound right because it is being blown too hard (or softly) or some hole( … Read More >>

Why do smaller whistles play higher sounding notes? Basic science needed for a grade 4 project.

Asked by:Sophie
The lenghth of the whistle dictates how high or low the whistle sounds. This is sometimes refere … Read More >>

I would like to learn how to play Belfast Polka/Pennsylvania Railroad, but I can’t find the notes listed anywhere. Thank you!

Asked by:troubled whistler
Check the store for a book by Phil Coulter, entitled Winters Crossing. The book also includes St … Read More >>

my first whistle…got down to two:
1. dixon D Tuneable (Brass Slide) Polymer High Whistle £29
2. tweaked Sweetone D £20…any ideas people?

Asked by:robbie
Makes little difference. As you may soon come down with W.A.S. (Whistle Acquisition Syndrome) a … Read More >>

If I am a Lefty, is it proper technique to put my left hand on the bottom and the right hand on the top? Thank you.

Asked by:Yishai
ALWAYS PUT LEFT HAND ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I unfortunately learnt the wrong way round and so am u … Read More >>

I have a Susato D whistle. How do I play a natural C in order to play tunes in the key of G? What is the fingering?

Asked by:Robert Cook
Cover the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th holes. Leave all others open. … Read More >>

whats the best penny whistle?

Asked by:
In what price range, and how do you define “Best”. In general, a tuneable whistle made of all … Read More >>

how can i tell what kind of whistle i have? It”s tin with 6 holes on the front and a green plastic mouth piece, no hole in back

Asked by:Kristin
may be a generation or walton generation- http://www.mally.com/images/pagephotos/zgengreend. … Read More >>

How can you play an E flat on a D penny whistle?

Asked by:Erik
Well, to play an E flat, you cover all the holes, only on the very last hole (lowest), you cover … Read More >>

Is there any other way to play C sharp without uncovering all the holes

Asked by:gato
Cover the 2nd and 4th holes from the top, leaving all others open. … Read More >>

Have just bought a penny whistle and am having problems getting used to the fingering. Should the tips of my fingers be flat or arched over the holes? Sorry if that is a dumb question.

Asked by:Joanne
Put your fingerprints over the holes. Rest fingers flat, sealing the holes with the pad bet … Read More >>

I have bought a tin whistle but I am not really sure that it is what an Irish whistle is! It is made of steel. And when I play B, A, G, F and E it sounds nice, but when I play D, the sound is enough to repulse anyone!! Please help me out!

Asked by:Sanju
Dont blow so hard and make sure all your fingers are all the way over the hole and of course, Re … Read More >>

I am have a LOT of trouble hitting high notes on my D whistle. I am good for an octave – trying to get a not shrill tone – but when I begin the 2nd octave, my sound is shrill and unpleasant. I am just blowing harder and the whistle doesn’t have the lovely mellow sound I hear on CDs. Any help? Thanks.

Asked by:Ginny
The best way to play high D is to cover all of the holes but the very top one, and blow slightly … Read More >>

How do you play c. Also how do you play a high d and sharps?

Asked by:confused
To play a high C, just cover the holes A and G. To play high D, just blow every hole except B. F … Read More >>

For a left handed person – should the right hand cover the top notes and the left the bottom (i.e. reverse of video) or does it matter?

Asked by:Gerard Byrne
Traditionally, the first three fingers of the left hand cover the top three holes, and the first … Read More >>

I bought a whistle made of steel, one piece. When I am playing B, A, G and F# it sounds fine but E and D squeak so badly!! And also , is a one piece whistle better than a whistle with a plastic or wooden mouthpiece??

Asked by:Sanju
Those two bottom holes are simply problematic, no fix for it. They will tolerate less air p … Read More >>

Can I play a G# on a D whistle? If so what is the fingering?

Asked by:old duffer
you can play almost any note on any whistle. But it is hard because you only cover up half the w … Read More >>

I want to learn to play a tin whistle, but I don”t know which one to buy a C, D or G whistle… Which one do you recommend for Irish, Scottish and Indian music??

Asked by:Sanju
It really doesnt matter. Id recommend #1 D, #2 C. But mainly because everybody learns on a D. Th … Read More >>

I just bought a D whistle, and I want to play some songs with it. But many of them have notes below the low D. They just have key signature like do=f or do=g, I don”t understand about it because I can”t read notes well. How do I play the notes below the low D in Tin Whistle?

Asked by:Endriany
If the notes are below the lowest in the key of the whistle then you’re out of luck. Transpose – … Read More >>

If a note falls below the range of a d whistle – what choices do other whistle players make about what to play to substitute for a note that one cannot play?

Asked by:Ginny
Just take that whole section of music an octave up into the range of your D whistle. … Read More >>

New tin whistle player here but I play other instruments. My question is, what do whistle players do when they are actually IN d but the notes go below the bottom d? I am playing with a guitarist and a fiddler. So if we”re playing a song that goes d c d – do I use the higher c, or another note in the chord – like e? What’s usual? Thanks.

Asked by:Ginny
It is quite common to do either. For just one note, I would probably just play a different chord … Read More >>

What is a good, easy way to quiet/mute my Clarke Sweetone D? Im just learning, & my family wants to chuck it out of the window!

Asked by:Alix K.
If you put a small bit of tape over the whistle part at the top it will dull the sound enough to let … Read More >>

i just bought a genaration c tin whistle and it doesnt sound right ive never played the tin whistle before is it because im not blowing into it right it just sounds annoying i have no idea how to play it is it a bad whistle any tips would help i also play the guitar and harmonica.

Asked by:Jordan
your probably reading music for a D whistle? … Read More >>

I have been teaching myself how to play the tin whistle and have gotten pretty good at it. I have a Clark Original D, a Sweetone and Meg. I recently purchased a Brass Dixon High D Trad. I am having trouble with it and wonder if it is me or the whistle? I get a lot of squeaks and squawks out of it that I never have gotten out of the Clarks. I find myself very wary of playing it because I don”t want to squawk! Thanks, Karen

Asked by:Karen
It’s not you. I remember the time I moved from a Generation C/D to my first Overton (high C). So … Read More >>

I am in desperate search for the tin whistle notes to Planxty”s

Asked by:Eileen
d g d g a b c b a g f# e d e d f# g a c b a g b c d highe d d b a a g f#e d g f# g … Read More >>

I am finding it very hard to find much sheet music specific to the Tin Whistle with regards to modern day tunes. Can I use flute sheet music or is there another instrument better suited to using sheet music from? Cheers!

Asked by:Adanac
It does not matter what instrument the music is written for as long as the notes are the range o … Read More >>

I am interested in learning the tin whistle. That said I do read music, but after a disasterous attempt at learning the Didg I’ve discovered that I simple cannot Circular Breath. Is circular breathing important in playing the tin whistle?

Asked by:MTBoatman
No circular breathing required! Just long slow steady breathes, it really is a very simple instrumen … Read More >>

what is the correct fingering for the natural C? the Generation say that i should play OXX XOX

Asked by:Claudio
oh i got this if u have a D tin whistle which i hope this is what you are talking bout but just … Read More >>

When you are playing the D Penny Whistle and you are playing the D note with all your fingers on the holes, is it possible to play an octave below that D?

Asked by:Mac
The lowest “D” that a plain D whistle can play is close to “middle C”. If you are getting a high … Read More >>

I just got the Clarke Tin Whistle, book and Cd a month ago and think I am doing great but I am new to reading music and seem to always have to write the notes in. Is there a trick to remembering where each note is? I try to make a mental note of Every Good Boy Does Fine and FACE for spaces but always end of writing in the notes.

Asked by:Peanut
Whenever you play a song, pay careful attention to the fingering position you have for each note … Read More >>

what is a good first tin whistle?

Asked by:hayden
Ryan Dunn recommends a Generation Nickle in D. It is inexpensive and plays well. And he is defi … Read More >>

Hi, I have some issue playing the F nat : when you have to half cover the hole. When I try to play faster I often end up with shrilling sound. Which half part of the hole do you cover for the most convenient result? (top half, right half?) Thx

Asked by:Eric
It takes patience and practice. I think the half notes are the pons asinorum of tin whistle play … Read More >>

Any tips on how to stop my whistle frequently clogging up with saliva during a session?

Asked by:sirgavingrimbold
Dryout your mouth by breathing through your mouth (you might say panting) before you start to pl … Read More >>

I have a high D tweeked Clarke but I”ve always wanted a lower whistle. The low D whistle intimidates me – I”m female with small fingers. Is there a lower whistle I could play?

Asked by:Gael
Yes, there are plenty of smaller whistles you can play – tin whistles come in all shapes and siz … Read More >>

im looking to start playing the tin whistle but dont know where to start.what whistle should i start with and how should i learn how to play?

Asked by:Paddy
get the feadog original irish whistle and look for the tin whistle tutor book it helpped me load … Read More >>

How do u do a high d?

Asked by:mitch99
all fingers down apart from the top one, and blow slightly harder than you would for the bottom … Read More >>

Are tin whistles and pennywhistles the same thing?

Asked by:megsta
They both seem to be the same thing, just depends on who is playing the instrument.The term “penny w … Read More >>

I am a beginner, the notes heard from the pros are

Asked by:Joseph the Ancient
well joseph i dont know what the pros are doing but if u have a D tin whistle it is best to get … Read More >>

what key is ”the glasgow reel” in? what key whistle shoudl i buy if i want to play that?

Asked by:Eluveitie
It is played in a few different keys. The “traditional” is D minor. It is also sometimes played … Read More >>

What are the three best basic cuts to practise on the tin whistle as a learner?

Asked by:VUE
Try going onto You Tube, type in Tin Whistle Lesson Week One and you will find a teacher called … Read More >>

I want to learn how to play the tin whistle, is there any special tin whistle for begginers? I´m from Argentina, South America and is not very common here. Thank you!

Asked by:Zoe
Hi, You should try the Clarkes D whistle, it has a green fipple, perfect and very common for beg … Read More >>

Hey there, i am a complete beginner in music and i was wondering how you could play a high e (e sharp?) or low e etc etc differently if they have the same fingering?

Asked by:confused
if two notes have the same fingering to play the high notes blow harder and to play the lower no … Read More >>

I have the D Whistle, but when I try to play the low notes, it sounds so high and shrills. How do I get the notes correct?

Asked by:Brittany
Dont blow so hard. You are crossing into the second octave. Also, make sure you are covering all … Read More >>

Is it very wrong if i play with my right hand on top?

Asked by:jone
Hi Jone! I wouldn’t say its very wrong, it really doesnt matter which hand you use as along as you … Read More >>

What type of tin whistle do i need to play B sharp & A sharp?

Asked by:seanieboy
Any standard whistle should let you play these notes. Just blow a little harder. … Read More >>

Notes for the Fureys Lonesome boatman

Asked by:Sharon
Hi, This is a popular request and the notes are no easy come boy however, try these below:Lonesome B … Read More >>

I want to play with a local group whos music is written in the key of G ( they play a variety of instuments but not whistles). I have a D whistle. Do I need to transpose the music as at the moment it sounds awful.

Asked by:Morrislex
I would suggest getting a g whistle, problem solved! … Read More >>

How to I get a good vibrato? Is it in the fingering or breath control?

Asked by:Dave
The only way ive seen is on a low whistle where you hover your finger over the next hole down fr … Read More >>

How do u play Happy Birthday on the Tin Whistle?

Asked by:coolcat
Thats a simple one: The notes for happy birthday are: ‘Happy Birthday’: D D E D G F#, D D E D A G, … Read More >>

I am playing a Clark Tin Whistle and it looks very different from the ones I see around – It is one piece, made of tin with a wooden piece in the mouth piece area. Is this really considered a tin whistle? It does not have the separate mouthpiece the others seem to have?

Asked by:Monica
i have a clarke c whistle which matches your description, is it this one? http://www.clark … Read More >>

My breath seems to be very wet- the sound of my whistle always deteriorates very quickly because there is too much liquid inside. Is there anything I can do against that?

Asked by:maggie
well u could always breath in and out before u start using your tin whistle.now u have your mout … Read More >>

I have a D whistle. How do I play the semitones? I know you said beginners should stay away from them, but I know how to play the flute and the recorder, and I would like to broaden my repertoire of playable tunes on the tin whistle.Thanks!

Asked by:Miriam
basicly, half cover the hole to get half a note. this is quite easy but when in a fast song c … Read More >>

I have to teach classes of 30 tin whistles yr.3/4 and need ideas for repertoire.

Asked by:
Amazing Grace is always a good one, i would also say mary had a little lamb … Read More >>

I am looking for a good, preferanbly tunable and with a “breathy” quality to it. Currently I have taken an interest in “Dixon Traditional High D”, “Dixon Polymer High D” and “Susato Kildare S series High D”. After reading some reviews about these, I’m confused. Could you tell me about your experiences with these?

Asked by:Tikva
I cant speak for Susato, but the Dixon Trad high D is the best “cheap” whistle out there. it hol … Read More >>

Do tin whistles in different keys have the same notes?

Asked by:Madds
Yeah they have the same notes, however the notes will be slightly higher or lower depending on your … Read More >>

I have a G tin whistle, can I play all notes and scales on that one?

Asked by:Rocco
A simple question, but one that can be complex to answer. The simple answer is you can play all … Read More >>

i just went thru the note structures and positions on the tutorial page . i want to know the shown notes corrosponds to which tune of the tin whistle?

Asked by:blue
Go to the “Musical Scales” on the online tutorial. click on the pictures of the notes on the sc … Read More >>

Do tin whistles in different keys have the exact same notes?

Asked by:Madds
You can easily use the same music, but it will be X number of notes off, depending on the key of … Read More >>

hey hey, im a violonist, but last year i was trying to play flute until now, than i try tin whistle (just yesterday.. hahaha..) so i was a bit curious, i used to “tongue” each note im playing with the whistle, should i do it? or should i use the cuts? so if i used the cuts i should slurs all the note? hope can help me! thx!

Asked by:Gorby
only slur when nessecary. dont use your tongue unless they are really short quick notes. … Read More >>

I just got my D tin whistle and im having trouble keeping a solid tone, any suggestions?

Asked by:Wallace
A little more info would be helpful. Is it a wood fipple? Wood fipples tend to moisten the longe … Read More >>

I can play regular notes, but i don’t know how to play all the sharps and flats. is there a tutorial for them? if not, what is the fingering?

Asked by:Talysha
Hi Talysha, The fingering is the same for the higher notes you just need to blow the whistle a littl … Read More >>

I dont know how to read music!!! Im a begginner and all i can play is twinkle twinkle little star … foggy dew sounds amazing! Is there any books or music sheets online that show you all the fingering??

Asked by:Tracy T
Soodlums Tin Whistle books and also Instant Tin Whistle books have all the tunes with fingering … Read More >>

How do I keep my whistle from rusting any further? it is a little bit rusted on the outside, and I cant see in it. Please answer!

Asked by:The Whistle Lover
The only reason your whistle is rusting is because it is getting damp. To make sure it doesnt rust o … Read More >>

how do you do twinkle twinkle little star

Asked by:Lino Manaloto
Try the following notes on your whistle: ddaabba ggf#f#eed Simple! … Read More >>

How to keep my tin whistle properly? How to clean it inside? On my brass whistle appeared ugly stains and fingerprints. How to get rid of them?

Asked by:Ivy
Most brass whistles are coated in a clear laquer. You might need to remove this coating and them … Read More >>

What is the best book to learn the penny whistle? Daughter has had 5 years of strings , so she knows how to read music. What would be the best book for her?

Asked by:jdv
The Tin Whistle Toolbox by Grey Larsen. You wont go wrong there. It will start her down the righ … Read More >>

What are the notes for twinkle twinkle little star on the tin whistle

Asked by:chloe
  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: D D A A B B A, G G F# F# E E D … Read More >>

How do you play a note lower than a D if you have a D whistle?

Asked by:Charly
hhhrrrrrmmmmm? i dont think you can on a d whistle sorry. :(( … Read More >>

I have a D whistle, but many of the tunes I want to play have notes below the low D. How do I play them or transpose the music?

Asked by:Erik
If you have sheet music, the first step is to figure out what key it is in. Look at the key sign … Read More >>

what is a A#?

Asked by:babala
It is an A sharp, which is a semitone above A and basically the same as a Bb (B flat) – strictly … Read More >>

Hi, Im interested in learning the Tin whistle and the Irish flute. Ive played a standard open-holed flute for 4 years so Im about level 5. In the videos, most of the fingerings look like that of a recorder. I just want to know would this be a dramatic change?

Asked by:Stevie
no iv played a flute and recorder there is not alot of difference in a tin whistle and recorder … Read More >>

I just bought a tin whistle and there is no hole on the back, only 6 on the front, how can I play the higher notes?

Asked by:diana
Hi Diana, Most tin whistles dont have a hole in the back,(maybe your thinking of a recorder) y … Read More >>

When blowing on the whistles mouthpeice should you hold it with your teeth or just use your lips?

Asked by:Michelle
I would say the most common method of holding the whistle is with your lips, hold it firmly and try … Read More >>

When I listen to whistle music I sometimes hear the player slide from one note to the other. Are there rules for doing this? How is it done properly?

Asked by:Michelle
Slowly cover or uncover a finger hole, letting the pitch change gradually. Simple as that! Tom … Read More >>

I Have A Waltons D Whistle And I Was Wondering Whether You Had Some Music So I Can Pipe The Rats Away.Thanks,The Pied Piper

Asked by:The Pied Piper
In my opinion, the best kind of music to get rid of any living creature is rap, if you can call … Read More >>

What microphone do you recommend for live performance?

Asked by:Wayne
This all depends on where you are performing, what type of setup you are running it through, and … Read More >>

Im interested in a

Asked by:recorderdoug
Yes, a Dixon trad in brass, around the same price but with a nicer tone. … Read More >>

Someone asked me do i tongue or slur when I play the whistle, an anybody explain what exactly is tonguing?

Asked by:FG
Tonguing is separating a note from the one in front of it by momentarily stopping the air flow throu … Read More >>

What is tonguing?

Asked by:Alex
Tonguing is an ornamentaion technique, its basically the way most notes are played on the whistle, u … Read More >>

What is fingering?

Asked by:Tony
Fingering is simply the way you place your fingers on the whistle to play a note. People sometimes p … Read More >>

What exactly is ornamentation in irish music?

Asked by:Simon
Ornamentations are little tricks used to help the music come alive and make the melody stand out. Th … Read More >>

What are some well made whistles that can be heard no problem in a session?

Asked by:Joe
I play the penny whistle(tin whistle) nd the D is the best to play 🙂 … Read More >>

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