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For an intermediate player, upgrading from your beginner flute will require careful thought on a player’s part. Flutes for beginner levels are good for understanding the basics. However, when you intend to hone your skills as a flute player, you will soon have to upgrade to an intermediate flute.

Intermediate flutes make it possible for people to play more challenging and faster keys. The main difference between these flutes and their beginner counterparts is the fact that they provide more flexibility. Selecting a flute will require careful consideration of any flutist.

A poor flute might make a future flutist question their talent. There are various brands for intermediate flutes in the market which makes it harder to choose. Every brand has its unique build. So, in order to pick the right flute, an intermediate player needs to take some factors into consideration, for example, the size of the instrument, plating, and color, loyalty of the brand, pad quality, and also pricing. Different flute brands come with varying notable qualities that are important when making the decision.

This is why I’ve taken the initiative of ranking the best flute brands and some of the merits and demerits of each to help intermediate players be more informed before making a purchase.

Best Flute Brands and top Choices for Intermediate Players

This guide is of best use to players who have a few years of playing flutes under their belts. However, for players on professional levels, it might be a little limiting. So, which are the best flutes for intermediate players? After careful consideration, I have gathered some of the reliable brands of flutes.

In this category, we take a look at brands like; Yamaha, Jupiter, Emerson, and Gemeinhardt which are known to provide value for money.

5. Pearl 505RBE1RB Intermediate Flute


Pearl 505RBE1RB is the brand to go for when you need a flute, and your budget is not that flexible. What makes this flute qualify to be among the best intermediate flutes is the fact that it is quite affordable and does not sacrifice quality to make it cheaper. It is the economic model.

This instrument possesses similar features to its more expensive counterparts, such as French pointed arms. The model has offset G which makes it possible for even people with smaller hands to operate and gives a natural finger placement.

The package comes with a hard case that has been padded to provide extra protection. Then, they also provide a wooden cleaning rod for proper maintenance of the device. Pearl is a reputable brand and is known for its good quality products, which makes the Pearl 505RBE1RB a trusted choice for intermediate players.

Our final contender in the ranks of the best intermediate flute is the  

However, some of the cons related to this instrument include the fact that it is silver plated on the head and body. Furthermore, not all flutists use Offset G. Finally, the warranty on the Pearl 505RBE1RB is for one year, which is significantly short.

4. Jupiter 611RBSO Intermediate Flute

Jupiter is a globally recognized brand of flutes, and they don’t disappoint with their products. The Jupiter 611RBSO is one of their masterpieces. This flute is made of nickel silver material, which is durable. It comes with a sterling silver head joint that ensures more power and projections. Like the YFL-382, it also has an open keyhole system that boosts clarity and control while providing faster response. Flutists are able to adjust tone through the option of covering the holes partially.

The presence of a B foot-joint also allows this flute’s sound to range up to low B. What is unique about this flute is the fact that it is tested by technicians before it is sold. Their testing protocol has been elaborated on in the different sites where it is sold, including Amazon. The technicians hand-seat all pads and adjust these flutes manually to increase precision

The 611RBSO is equipped with an offset G, which provides a better holding position. It even accounts for flutists who have small hands.

On purchase, the instrument is well placed in a French casing with a cover that allows easier transportation.


You cannot have a list of the best intermediate flutes without a Jupiter flute. This is because the brand is well respected, and it was built with the aim of advancing music by providing good quality instruments. And with this instrument, they have maintained their reputation with their keenness and craftsmanship.

However, on the downside of this instrument, there is the fact that a number of flutists do not prefer Offset G. It is also surprising that this flute does not come with cleaning materials, which might be important after years of using this flute. The pricing on this flute is a bit steep, but it is justified with the features and quality, and it is a good investment in the long run.

Here is a link to the product on Amazon

3. Gemeinhardt 3OB Intermediate Flute

From the company of the fourth generation flute maker, Kurt Gemeinhardt, the Gemeinhardt 3OB is an elegant open hole flute that emphasizes on quality of sound. It has a B foot-joint lick the previous meaning it also reaches low B notes. It employs a Y arm style of keys, and they are covered in silver.

This flute has a unique embouchure specific to the brand that helps produce top-quality tones across various registers.

Also, this flute addresses the issue that was raised of flutes with B foot-joint being too long, which caused some flutists issues with hitting higher notes. They have included a Gizmo key that helps hit the high notes.

Gemeinhardt 3OB comes in a hard-shelled case that has been well padded to protect the flute before and after the sessions. This flute also comes with a cleaning rod to help maintain it in the best condition. The flute is also very elegant, thanks to the silver plate coating.

Warranty is essential when selecting the best intermediate flute. With Gemeinhardt they offer a limited warranty for 5 years.

This flute is slightly cheaper than all the previous ones, which makes it a worthy competitor in the market.

One demerit that comes with this flute is that the brand is known to use softer materials than the others which makes them slightly less durable.

Gemeinhardt intermediate flute buying guide

Here is the link to the product on Amazon

2. The Yamaha YFL-382 Intermediate Flute

The Yamaha YFL-382 is a silver-plated flute that comes with a C or incline G key. The flute has an open hole.

One of the notable qualities of this flute is that it has pointed key arms, which provide it with a more refined and elegant look and also an improved key strength. This flute’s body is more resistant to accidental breakage because of the nickel silver coating and keys that have been power-forged. The key bumpers here are quite durable, too, since they have been crafted with neoprene.

The open hole design of this flute makes control of the tone better. Also, its silver head joint allows for a beautiful sound. The B foot-joint on this flute makes it possible for the flute to play notes such as low- B.

The inline G key improves the sensitivity of this flute and also makes intonation more accurate. The YamahaYFL-382 comes with a French casing and cover to make transportation easier. Its package also includes a flute cleaning rod so that one can better maintain their instrument. This flute comes with a 1-year warranty which is okay

However, the flute might not be for everyone. In the con’s section, the first thing to note is that some flutists do not prefer the inline G, and hence this instrument is not for them.

This flute’s pricing might be a little steep, but it is worth every cent, and that makes it by far one of the best flutes for intermediate players.

Here is a link for the instrument on Amazon

intermediate flute yamaha good choice

1 Glory Silver Plated Intermediate Open Flute – Cheap

This flute combines cost-effectiveness with high quality, which is a difficult combination to achieve.

The flute comes with a lightweight case with the option of shoulder carry. The flute itself is made of cupronickel that is lined with silver. It has an offset G key that makes handling easier. This flute has also employed a split E system that allows for a better-balanced response. It also has the standard B foot joint and a beveled embouchure, which is undercut to ease the production of sound.

This instrument has keys for both Open and closed-hole making it very user-friendly. The flute comes with a cleaning rod and a cloth used to maintain it. The case also comes with a pair of gloves. The flute also has a high-end needle spring, which makes it more durable.

Whether you are buying a flute for a friend or even for personal use, the Glory Silver Plated Intermediate Open flute is the way to go thanks to its pocket-friendly nature. The fact that it also does the job well makes it our choice of the best intermediate flute in the market. The only notable con is that not all players use Offset G.

Below is a link to where you can find one 

Flute Brands to Avoid

flute brands to avoid
image source: https://youtu.be/hqDDKGuGDmI

While there are must buy options for flutes, there are also the flute brands to avoid to be safe as a flutist. Some of these are overpriced, and others are falsely marketed as intermediate flutes while, in fact, they are just at best good beginner flutes. A good example is the Mendini by Cecilio, which is an okay brand but their intermediate flutes cannot keep up with the others on this list.

Wrapping Up

When selecting your flute, you need to recognize what appeals to you personally. While I might have selected the Glory Silver Plated Intermediate Open flute as my pick, the Yamaha YFL-382 and the rest are also very good options depending on your price range. So choose according to your preference and even test where possible to determine which one you are most comfortable with and which best represents your talent.

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